Our Services

Opening Doors Psychology offers a range of psychological services for those 14 years+ and addresses various presenting issues.

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Individual Counselling

Opening Doors guides individuals within a safe, supportive and compassionate space to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. 


Opening Doors helps equip individuals with the knowledge and tools to improve self-management, and ultimately empower clients to take back control of their lives. 


Live a more meaningful, purposeful life, with overall improved wellbeing.

Couple's Therapy

Opening Doors works collaboratively with couples to seek out a deeper understanding of each other and what is perpetuating current relationship problems. 


Opening Doors prepares couples with the knowledge and tools to improve communication and manage problematic dynamics.

Opening Doors guides each individual to determine what they want/need from their partners and ultimately discover whether their relationship is right for them, with the hopes to improve the relationship.

Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth has become a way of life. 
Making psychological support more accessible and convenient for our lifestyles, Opening Doors offer confidential telehealth services via video-conferencing, as well as via telephone consultations, for both individuals and couples.

Opening the door to more accessible healthcare!

We understand that opening the door to therapy can be a daunting decision to make, whether it be your first time attending, or if you've been before.

Opening Doors Psychology aims to provide a safe, professional, and confidential space. We help guide you through the therapy process at your own pace, supporting you through your own journey.